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Feeling frazzled?

 You are running your own business. Whether you are a NYT Best Selling Author or launching your first inspirational coaching package, you are an executive, and you are doing it all. Chief Executive Officer? Check. Chief Financial Officer? Check. Chief Operations Officer? Check!

  Are their bags under your eyes yet? Do you dream about how you forgot to backlink your URL's or whether or not your favorite blogger got your ARC of your upcoming release?

Let's be honest. It's exhausting to do it alone.

It's time for you to invest in an executive assistant.

The good news? I'm so here for you! 

My name is Liz Froehle and as an author with two pen names, six released novels, with a multitude of social media platforms, websites, and blogs. I know the ropes. 

How I can help make your life easier so you can do what you love:

  • Creative Content Creator & Cultivator
  • Social media marketing and advertisement
  • Managing social media platforms
  • Newsletter management
  • ARC list building and management