What Facebook's New Mission Statement Reveals About Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads used to be the bread and butter behind the sales that made bestselling authors and viral bloggers. But in late 2016 and throughout 2017, the cost of using an average Facebook ad is soaring and it feels like an average ad is being lost in the sludge.

How to get the most out of your Facebook Advertisement (the secret is in the mission statement.).png

Have you noticed how overly busy and clogged your average newsfeed feels while you are browsing it? Here's the truth, Facebook only has so much real-estate on the Newsfeed and sidebar and with over 60% of social media marketers identifying that Facebook is their most important marketing platform (and pledges to keep using it and expand usage- Social Media Marketing Industry Report.) the area is becoming saturated.

Crazy saturated.

Which means your advertisement price drives up while the average viewer has become so akin to seeing ads that their eyes blur the moment they hit yours.

Not ideal.

How do you overcome?

You give Facebook what it wants to make the Facebook God's happy.

In 2017, Mark Zuckerberg changed the mission statement of Facebook to "Give people the power of community and bring the world together."

Facebook wants people to get to know one another and the vehicle they created for professionals to do this is through their Sponsored Live Video.

When Facebook see's a Sponsored Live Video, it has two reactions.

#1 "Oh look! She's playing with my new toy that I created. Let's push this out there so everyone else can see how great this toy is and they'll do it too!"

#2 "This will help Facebook users stay more connected and become more loyal to their brands, which will help them feel like they belong so they come back fifty six times a day to see what's going on."

Yup, Facebook will take a live video and rocket it to the top, nestling it nicely in your target audience's newsfeed.

But that's not all they created for Facebook advertisers under their mission statement. They've also started to use advertisements through both Facebook and Instagram that will connect with your messenger, allowing potential readers or clients to reach out with questions about your new courses, products, and offerings. 

Facebook is forcing professional organizations to get personal.

So what does this mean for you?

It's time to jump out of your comfort zone. Make the most out of your advertising budget and let your clients get to know you. Yes, it's scary, but it engages viewers. In a time when the basic one photo Facebook ad's pay per click rate is sky rocketing with fewer engagements than ever before, you really can't afford to not try Facebook Live Video.

Does going live freak you out? Do you feel like you need to wade into the waters before letting the world into your living room? That's okay. Facebook algorithms still prefer a video ad over a a flat ads. Start here. Get comfortable with your environment, speech patterns, and even the lighting and equipment you may need to create optimal video and sound quality.

Once you've nailed the basics? Jump to Live video to make the most of your investment and increase engagement.