Chase the Feeling

I'm back. We could talk about all the reasons there was a pause in this space. However, if you will allow me your grace, is it okay if I just lay it all out there as life changed?

Thank you.

Moving on.

My home smells of essential oils, Thieves from Young Living and On Guard from DoTerra. To be frank, I actually don't like essential oils (don't hate on me). Super scents bother me. Yep, I'm the lady who walks through a perfume aisle holding their breath and when I step into Bath & BodyWorks? Oh heaven help me. Praying for sweet Jesus to come and rescue me. I do still use oils because at this point I'll do anything to get my kiddos healthy in adjunct to medical therapy. To cope (and to disinfect) I've also cloaked the diffusing smells in Lysol & bleach, following my kiddos around and wiping down each surface like the neurotic NICU nurse that's within me.

Minnesota winters are long.


And full of icky bugs.  Since November in our home we've had 5 cases of strep, two cases of pneumonia, laryngitis, a horrible bronchitis, the stomach flu, influenza, an ear infection, and some weird skin rash that will take upwards of a year to go away. It's a delightful little network of webs tangling between the three kids, daycare, school, and me. My instinct is to blame this all on daycare and me working 40+ hours a week, but when I take a deep breath and think back to this time last year, it was all the same. Tis the season, so I'm trying to be jolly as I sanitize every surface and our air space between coughing fits while simultaneously being thankful that my kids' immune systems are getting a nice little workout.

Please note our little slice of 1960's bathroom history. Top notch Mad Men type digs over here.

Please note our little slice of 1960's bathroom history. Top notch Mad Men type digs over here.

We also have a cat now. Yep, the "dog only" and "cats are rotten" girl buckled and got a friendly feline. It's a complicated relationship. Wouldn't quite say I have reached the "love" stage that instantly happens when a puppy is placed in my arm or I stare deep into the soulful eyes of a seasoned dog. It's a work in progress, and I'm learning lots. Like permission to lock out a purring night terror from all bedrooms after 9pm while also cuddling with her every morning on the couch. Also, she loves the sink and lives for us to turn on the water for her to play in. What the heck, weirdo?!


It's also the season of surviving motherhood during Valentine's day. I have a true love hate relationship with this day. I love the feeling of "Hey, I'm kicking butt" as a mama while I make chocolate drizzled strawberries and while I sit patiently and help each child write out their Valentines for their classmates. Oh patience. It so does not exist within me. It's essentially one of my greatest struggle. Thankfully, I'm also good at acting and I *hope* the kids are buying it. At least for another year or two. My goal is that they see a look of serenity as I sit near, encouraging them to write and fold each valentine. Hear "It's okay, honey," when they accidentally tear a card in half and secretly on the inside I'm cringing, counting down how many more they can destroy before I will have to buy another box from the store. And then eventually, I snap and demand everyone take a break and the entire experience (mess) can be revisited the next day.

Totally winning at life over here. How to you handle the Valentines day chaos that comes unnecessarily only 6 weeks after Christmas?

Other new things? As I mentioned, I've got a new job. The space here is an oasis so I'll  share that it's a leadership position within nursing, full of challenges, and I'm thankful to work with such an amazing team of women.

Also, I chopped off my own hair...


Fringe Bangs!!!

Life is short, so why not experiment a little? I haven't had bangs since I was three years old! It's so energizing to do something different. If you are on the edge about trying something with your hair, just do it. It raises your vibe and feels so good. (With that said, yes, there are hair disasters that do not feel good. I highly advise consulting with a professional hair stylist and having them do the cut for you. Do as I say, not as I do.)

Dry winter days. Lots of frizzy up in here. Consider this a reminder to pick up some Moroccan Oil. 

Dry winter days. Lots of frizzy up in here. Consider this a reminder to pick up some Moroccan Oil. 

Now that I've caught up the corner, I want to leave you with the quote that caught me off guard this morning and ignited my soul to drop everything, redesign this blog, and start writing again. Obviously, there's a reason I'm back. Got to chase that feeling.


Chase the Feeling
Lizzy Froehle