My cat's a total B, and I'm so very thankful for it.

Meet Luna.


My little night terror, my day time sleeper, and expert of all things her.

In December, we adopted a 6 month old kitten. A real live mini tuxedo tiger. Otherwise know as a domestic short hair feline. The move was perhaps an irrational reaction to change. But once I wrangled her out of her cat box she made it clear she was planning to stay. She jumped right behind the washer and dryer, claiming her now second favorite hiding place--her first is in our boxspring mattress.

Yup. Basically, she owns the place.


Luna is good with kids. Loves water. Likes to wake me up and mews until I follow her into the bathroom where she jumps in the sink, demanding I turn on the water. Yes, while she is IN the sink. She angles the water on her fur so it flows to her mouth. And no, she's not thirsty. She drinks from her fancy cat fountain all the time. She's just weird.

She's also a bully. This is not ideal, but our dog thinks it is awesome so I guess we are okay with it. She swats him when we are around but behind the scenes she frequently checks on him and at times will even sleep near.  Thankfully Lupin is a jolly little love bowl (do you see how easy it is to write affectionately about a dog?) and he's just so happy to have her around that when he gets swatted his tail wags and he looks up at us like we gave him the best gift ever.

You're welcome you silly cat-loving dog.


Okay, back to the cat. I mean...erm, Luna.

She is hands down the easiest pet I've ever owned. And she repays us with making a sleeping fort in our box spring, purring like a motorboat all night long, and considers her toots the greatest gift she could ever bestow.

We mistakenly have tried to train her. She'll just sit there like a princess, paws close, rolling her eyes with amusement. She carries an air of "I do my life, you do yours. It's okay if I piss you off. Sometimes it's necessary to get what you want."

At first I thought it was funny. Then annoying. And now?

I think she's a genius. A wise gift sent from God.


She's demonstrating the skills that I've avoided learning my whole life. She's a total B, and happy about it. She's the queen. Happy as can be. And, truth be told, now that I lock her out of my bedroom at night, she technically does nothing that bothers us much. And there she is, living her best life chasing hair binders around the bathtub.

She got me thinking. Why am I so worried about bothering people? About pissing people off? I was raised to be a people pleaser. Make sure I'm not bothering others. Making sure that my presence isn't too big or too small. For far too long, I was unaware of how much I feared pissing people off, simply through the act of being myself.

Well guess what world? The good Lord gave me a Beyonce like Cat who's teaching me that I can do my thing, and you can do yours.