Honest Review of LuLaRoe

This is not a sponsored post. Just Lizzy's good old fashioned opinion!

Ladies, I want to chat LuLaRoe. I'm sure you've heard of it, but if you haven't you should know that it's basically clothing crack for 20 something - 40 something women. It's stretchy clothing that's built around the idea of wearing leggings 100% of your life. And it also gives you the excuse to wear the same sort of wild prints you would have picked out for yourself in Kindergarten. It's like your childhood clothing revamped in a way that makes you feel elegant (and comfy!).

 I'm a gal who researchers the crap out of her purchases so naturally I started stalking LuLuRoe products in November of 2016. Pretty sure I watched all the Youtube videos about the Amelia dress and the Irma shirt that exist before I walked into my first LuLuroe party boutique in mid March. My assignment was to get an Amelia, an Irma, and a pair of leggings.

Guess what? I tried them on and *this is where I wince because I'm going to piss people off* I really didn't like them. The Amelia is built really study, which is something I thought I wanted, but the dress just didn't fit right because of it and was not comfortable at all. For $65 dollars, it wasn't worth it to me, no matter how cool it would be to have a reversible dress with pockets!

The Irma just looked like I didn't care about myself. Now, I'm not really good with knots so it just sort of hung on me. With that said, lots of other women at the party tried on the Irma and they looked adorable!

I loved the Nicole dress and definitely plan on getting one in the future. The fit was perfect but they just didn't have the exact print I wanted, and I was on a budget so I wasn't going to lay down  about $50 for something I didn't love.

And then the heaven's parted, and I found the Carly. The one dress I swore I wouldn't buy. It's got a really high neckline and is one of those "I just hang there" type sac dresses that I've never been really attracted to. Guess what guys? I obviously don't know what my body likes because the moment I put the Carly on I felt like a million bucks.

Every woman needs a Carly. It's the most versatile dress in the world. You can knot it, let it hang (it's actually adorable when you just let it hang loose, my husband thinks it's super cute), and belt it. I love belting it because the dress has a natural taper that will get a pleated look with the belt.

Needless to say, I basically live in my Carly dresses (I bought two) and I absolutely plan to buy another one in the very near future.

To end my shopping trip, I turned to the stack of my leggings. Ladies, there were so many prints my eyes crossed. The only issue I had was that the sheer amount of prints didn't really work with the sheer amount of printed dresses. It's almost like designers at LulaRoe forgot solid colors exist. Finally, I found a solid mustard pair of leggings that went with both dresses and tried them on.

They didn't fit at all. Like, they squeezed my thighs oddly and just felt wrong. I couldn't believe it! These are the leggings people rave about to no end and when I tried them it was a major let down! "They'll feel like butter!" Um, no. If you want buttery leggings go hunt down a Honey and Lace boutique owner. Those leggings are worth it 100x over.

When I got home, I did a little more research and realized that other women were having issues with not falling in love with the leggings too. Basically, it comes down to a quality control problem within LuLaRoe. Some of their leggings are phenomenal and others are just made poorly. Guess I tried on a poorly made one, but I'm glad I did because it saved me $25.

This leads me back to the sizes of the items. Nothing is consistent with sizing in LuLaRoe. With the Nicole dress I was a Medium and with the Carly I was an XXS. Pretty sure with the Amelia I leaned more toward the Large size and same with the Julia dress. I tried on the Irma small, medium, and large, and nothing really impressed.

My end verdict on LuLaRoe is this: buy stuff but don't buy any of it online. You need to try on each piece in person to find something you love and don't be afraid to try on styles you normally would avoid. I'll definitely be buying more LuLuRoe in the future (another Carly, a Nicole, and maybe a Cassie skirt). The pieces I bought have become main staples of my wardrobe and have held up really nice in the wash (always hang dry their stuff guys!). 

Hope this review helped if you were on the fence about LuLuRoe! Have a bright day!